The first step in getting your old self back is proper eating. There is nothing better than a good diet to recover the silhouette after giving birth. The diet should include necessary proteins to repair tissues, lipids for energy, carbohydrates for tone, fibers to improve intestinal transit, and minerals and trace elements.

In summary, a healthy diet contains the essential elements that will help you fight fatigue. And even if you do not have time to cook, nothing prevents you from eating in a balanced way. All meals should include pieces of fruit and vegetables, starches, meats, fish and dairy products.

As for the weight, think that you will need around six months to recover it and about a year to get the usual waistline. Use a good postpartum bra if you experience discomfort in your breasts.

Beauty After Childbirth

Don’t ignore your appearance. Give yourself time to take care of yourself, and we do not mean a quarter of an hour.  Remember to moisturize the breasts (except the nipple if you breastfeed the baby) to avoid flaccidity of the tissues.

The areas with pigmentation of hormonal origin will remain for a few months. Be sure to use full protection before exposing yourself to the sun.

Physical Activity After Childbirth

postpartum bra

Depending on the woman and her physical conditions, the body recovers more or less quickly at birth. However, the most common occurrence is having to wait between one or two months before resuming physical activity (which at the beginning will have to be very mild). If you have had a cesarean or an episiotomy, you should have a little more patience. In any case, the gynecologist will give you the green light to start practicing sport.

In the beginning choose a relaxed activity (group gymnastics or swimming). The start must be very smooth. “Violent” activities (those that require running or jumping) are best avoided, for the time being. Start with a little walking, for example.