No commercial driver is actually going to be a doctor unless they go to medical school. Despite this, there is still a need for drivers who are certified medical examiners. You may wonder why this is, but the reason is simple. Like anyone around the world, commercial drivers of trucks and other vehicles can also have sleep apnea. This condition causes heavy snoring and periods without breathing during sleep. The result is an almost constant fatigue that can impair driving ability significantly. That is not acceptable on the road.

When other drivers who do not have sleep apnea get a dot medical certification, they are then able to spot the drivers who do have this disorder. They will spot this by vehicle movement and behavior. Though it is not the driver’s fault, it is something that will need to be dealt with in an effective manner. Typically, insurance companies do cover the treatments for sleep apnea, but there is no other way to spot the drivers who are being impaired by this common problem.

When anyone has sleep apnea, it means they are going to have problems both sleeping and waking. Since the airway gets cut off during sleeping, the long pauses in breathing cause the brain to become low in oxygen. This results in poor sleep that is often difficult to wake up from and it leaves one drowsy all day. It affects any task that requires coordination and alertness.

dot medical certification

If you are running a trucking company, you have a large staff of long-distance travelers. When these people are hired, they should have a full physical to identify any problems with sleep apnea. While this usually requires a sleep study, it is well worth it in order to secure the job. Meanwhile, there is also the opportunity to become a certified medical examiner.